EEE – Embedded

IOT_01Industry parameters monitoring and controlling system based on embedded web server.INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_02Smart and Tiny IOT based data acquisition system based on advanced Cortex M3 based controllerINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_03Street lights monitor (failure lights alert) and controller over internet for smart citiesINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_04IOT based irrigation system with soil wet data threshold settings for different seasonsINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_05IOT Based Home Automation-Smart way to controlling your home from anywhereINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_06Automatic energy meters monitoring in buildings and apartments using IOTINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_07Implementation of Vehicle tracking and monitoring system using IOTINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_08IOT based Green house monitoring and controlling systemINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_09Automatic and instantaneous power station power quality monitoring system using IOTINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_10Temperature measuring and reporting system with graph using IOTINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_11IOT based Remote machines status monitoring and controlling in industriesINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_12IOT based online Weather Report streaming with graphsINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
IOT_13Virtual care taker-online patient monitoring systemINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)2018DOWNLOAD
RT_01Single or Multi electronic notice boards with operating distance up to 1000meters using RS485 protocolREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_02Real time vehicle tracking with vehicle location indication on Google earthREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_03Efficient power saver for street lights using LDR, RTC, LEDs light with solar power REAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_04Station names with distance indicator in railwaysREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_05Wireless controller for operating power point presentations with laser light indication.REAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_06Voice guider and medicine reminder for patients and old age personsREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_07Agricultural motor controlling with motor safety and water level indicator using GSM.REAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_08Industrial data logger using RS485REAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_09Voice / touch screen /MEMS controlled Wheel chair for patients and physically challenged persons with capacity upto100KgsREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_10Intelligent shopping trolley using RFIDREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_11Elegant home with power saving, security, safety, remote controlling and auto control of water tank motorREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_12Intelligent train engine to avoid accidents and controlling railway gate automaticallyREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_13Vehicle theft control and accident location intimation through SMSREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_14Intelligent traffic signaling priority system for ambulances and VIP vehiclesREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_15Automatic marks sending system to students through SMSREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_16Automation of tollgate and blocking of unauthorized vehiclesREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_17Electronic health cardREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_18Automatic Bus arrival and departure announcement system with time record system
RT_19Child safety management system using RF Technology.REAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_20Cost effective energy billing system.REAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_21Advanced bus ticketing system with alert to passengerREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_22Smart Energy meters reading system in apartments with power quality, powertheft and over load alert system for smart citiesREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_23Smart monitoring system for smart cities to monitoring and controlling of advertise hoarding lights with light failure indication systemREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_24A new innovative and effective system for trains and railway stations for auto announcements of trains ,power saving and auto railway gate controlREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_25Smart dustbins for smart cities, GSM based Garbage and waste collection bins overflow indicatorREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_26Electronic goods distribution system in ration shopsREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_27Advanced products price and info display with easy data changing systemREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_28Cell Phone Tower Base Station Safety System using GSM technologyREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_29A new generation smart digital home, security, safety and power saving and power quality monitoringREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_30Advanced security systems for jeweler shops and banksREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
RT_31Automatic Zigbee based quick answering systems for multiple users for quiz games and feedback systemsREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_01Distribution Transformer Monitoring Using GSM TechnologyIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_02Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM technologyIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_03Bluetooth remote home automation system using android applicationIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_04Substation monitoring and controlling using GSMIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_05Low cost wireless sensor network in field operation monitoring of ac motorIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_06Applied research of the intelligent temperature-controlled speed adjustable motor in radiator fanIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_07Electronic energy meter with instant billingIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_08Remote power on/off control and current measurement for home electric outlets based on a low-power embedded board and ZIGBEEIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_09Energy saving project for heating system with ZigBee wireless control networkIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_10Implementation of ZIGBEE-GSM based home security monitoring and remote control systemIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_11Automation of residential electricity cut off using network based embedded controllerIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_12Design of intelligent streetlight monitoring system based on micro controllerIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_13GSM-based wireless home appliances monitoring & control systemIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_14Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment for Social Modernization of Indian Agricultural SystemIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_15Method of Measuring Power Quality and Development of Monitor DeviceIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
IJEE_16A novel technique of ac power control using micro controller based inverterIEEE & JOURNAL BASED PROJECTS2018DOWNLOAD
PS_01Transmission Line Multiple Fault Detection And Indication To Substation Using Wireless Technology2018DOWNLOAD
PS_02Automatic power factor correction using switching capacitors2018DOWNLOAD
PS_03Unbalanced Three-phase Optimal Power Flow for Smart Grids2018DOWNLOAD
PS_04Substation monitoring system (measurement of PF, voltage, current, temp.)2018DOWNLOAD
PS_05Transformer oil temperature monitoring with automatic Circuit Breaker operation.2018DOWNLOAD
PS_06Single phasing preventer for protection of three phase (3-ph) loads2018DOWNLOAD
PS_07Automatic switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for different load distribution2018DOWNLOAD
PS_08Automatic change over for three phase connection with data logger2018DOWNLOAD
PS_09Automatic switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for different load distribution2018DOWNLOAD
PS_10Auto selection of any available phase in 3 phase supply system2018DOWNLOAD
PS_11An On-line Monitoring System of Transmission Line Conductor2018DOWNLOAD
PS_12Over voltage or under voltage tripping mechanism2018DOWNLOAD
SL_01Solar based sinusoidal PWM inverter using parallel inverter.2018DOWNLOAD
SL_02Implementation Of Solar Based Full Bridge Inverter With PWM Technique2018DOWNLOAD
SL_03Solar based off grid parallel inverter Design using ic 35242018DOWNLOAD
SL_04Solar based energy backup system using micro controller2018DOWNLOAD
SL_05Solar based irrigation pumping system for rural agriculture applications2018DOWNLOAD
SL_06Distribution grid transformers monitoring using GSM with forced cooling control2018DOWNLOAD
SL_07To Design High Efficient Traffic Lights Control System Utilizing Solar Energy2018DOWNLOAD
SL_08To Design Accurate Wireless Load Measuring Meter For Power Lines2018DOWNLOAD
SL_09Wireless motor starter with acknowledgement using solar energy for agricultural application2018DOWNLOAD
SL_10Solar pv cell tracking system for obtaining maximum power output2018DOWNLOAD
SL_11Solar based LED street light system with time controlled and auto dimming based on ambient light2018DOWNLOAD
SL_12Designing of data logger of Solar panel2018DOWNLOAD
AS_01Smart Remote for controlling electrical appliance through android mobile.2018DOWNLOAD
AS_02Virtual nurse- controlling wheel chair through android mobile2018DOWNLOAD
AS_03Smart Home/office automation through android mobile.2018DOWNLOAD
AS_04Smart regulator for controlling fan speed through Android mobile.2018DOWNLOAD
AS_05AC motor speed controller through Android mobile.2018DOWNLOAD
AS_06Advanced street light controlling system through smart phone.2018DOWNLOAD
AS_07Industry/home/office automation through smart phone.2018DOWNLOAD
AS_08Industrial parameters monitoring system through Smartphone2018DOWNLOAD
VP_01Home /office/industry electrical appliances controlling by phone call and confirmation through voice feedback.2018DOWNLOAD
VP_02Substation monitoring and controlling system with voice alerts.2018DOWNLOAD
FS_01Standalone data logger in SD/MMC card with time stamp for industrial applications.2018DOWNLOAD
FS_02Advanced embedded system based a paperless feedback system for colleges and event management systems2018DOWNLOAD
ET_01Wireless Scrutinizer for Detecting the fault in Power System2018DOWNLOAD
ET_02Wireless load measuring meter for power line.2018DOWNLOAD
ET_03Up-to-date Recording System of Power Line Losses.2018DOWNLOAD
ET_04Underground cable fault identification.2018DOWNLOAD
ET_05Two quadrant chopper drive for DC motor speed control.
ET_06Wireless motor starter with acknowledgement using solar energy foragricultural application
ET_07Four quadrant chopper drive for DC motor speed control
ET_08design of closed loop controlled DC voltage regulator using full wave semi- converter
ET_09Automatic power factor correction using switching capacitors.
ET_10Automatic power factor correction using static VAR compensators.
ET_11Design of closed loop controlled DC voltage regulator using full wave converter.
ET_12Three phase load protector with automatic fault indication using micro processor.
ET_13Thyristor based soft starter.
ET_14Thyristor based star/delta starter.
ET_15Unbalanced Three-phase Optimal Power Flow for Smart Grids.
ET_16Maximum Demand Controller for Industries.
ET_17Automatic Switching of consumer connection in distribution feeder for efficient load distribution
ET_18Distribution grid transformers monitoring using GSM with forced cooling control system
ET_19Remote substation monitoring system using bidirectional power line communication.
ET_20Design of closed loop controlled DC voltage regulator using full wave converter through computer.
ET_21Design of closed loop controlled ac voltage regulator using TRIAC.
ET_22Transmission line multiple faults detection and indication to electricity board
ET_23Power theft identification system in distribution lines using differential power measurement.
ET_24Automatic transformer shunt and series parameter calculation from open circuit and short circuit test reading.
ET_25Closed loop dc motor speed control
ET_26Design of cyclo converter using micro controller.
ET_27Reverse power protection for generator.
ET_28Automatic transformer protection using numerical relay.
ET_29Automatic sequence corrector.
ET_30Design of earth fault relay.
ET_31Reactive power compensation using STACOM.
ET_32Speed control of universal motor using IGBT.
ET_33Efficient power saver for street lights using LDR, RTC, LEDs light with solar power
ET_34Agricultural motor controlling with motor safety and water level indicator using GSM.
ET_35Automatic changeover for 3 phases connections with data logger.
ET_36Solar Tracking system for Maximum power output with real time power monitoring system.
ET_37Voice guider and medicine reminder for patients and old age persons.
ET_38Broken conductor detection for overhead lines.
ET_39Intelligent shopping trolley using RFID
ET_40Elegant home with power saving, security, safety, remote controlling and auto control of water tank motor
ET_41Intelligent train engine to avoid accidents and controlling railway gate automatically
ET_42Design And Development Of Prepaid Energy Meter With Serial Data Transmission
ET_43Protection And Control Of Low Voltage Motors Used In Industrial Applications
ET_44Flexible load sharing of transformer with GSM SMS
ET_45Agriculture field motor control system using GSM
ET_46Industrial Electrical Devices Control System
ET_47GSM based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control
ET_48Cell Phone based Street Light Controlling System with light failure indication system.
ET_49Temperature Measurement over GSM Mobile
ET_50Password protected GSM based Device control
ET_51Fingerprint based Access Control system
ET_52Finger print based elevator (lift) operating system
ET_53Low Cost Wireless Sensor Network In Field Operation Monitoring Of AC Motor.
ET_54A Zigbee Smart Energy Meter Implementation For Energy Efficient Buildings.
ET_55Development of a smart power meter for AMI based Zigbee communication Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).
ET_56Remote Power On/Off Control And Current Measurement For Home Electric Outlets Based On A Low-Power Embedded Board And Zigbee Communication
ET_57Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based on Zigbee Communication.
ET_58Applications of Short Range Technologies to Industrial Automation: A Zigbee Approach.
ET_59System for Measuring Power Parameters with Zigbee Connectivity.
ET_60Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption Using ZigBee
ET_61ZigBee Based Automated Irrigation System
ET_62Bluetooth Robot with CMOS image sensor(SPY ROBOT)
ET_63Remote controlled home automation using Bluetooth
ET_64Bluetooth based industrial data acquisition system
ET_65Industrial devices controlling system using Bluetooth
ET_66Intelligent electricity billing system using Bluetooth
ET_67Touch screen based smart home automation
ET_68Electrical parameters data logger
ET_69Smart horn for vehicles with alcohol detection for drivers
ET_70Smart blind stick with ultra sonic sensor
ET_71PIR sensor based power saver for auditorium and conference halls.
ET_72Intelligent security and safety system for colleges and industries
ET_73An Efficient Monitoring Of Substations Using Microcontroller Based Monitoring System using RF
ET_74Wireless Power Grid Controller
ET_75RF based industrial Automation System
ET_76DC motor speed and direction control using RF
ET_77Wireless Stepper motor control using RF
ET_78Power Management System in Hotels using PC.
ET_79PC based Hi-tech Home Implementation.
ET_80Industrial Automation using PC.
ET_81Industrial electrical appliances control using IR.
ET_82DC motor speed and direction control using IR.
ET_83Stepper motor control using IR
ET_84Automatic Room light controller with visitor counter using IR.
ET_85Auditorium Controlling System
ET_86Shopping Malls Security and Power Management System using IR
ET_87AC motor speed control using TRIAC
ET_88Phase Sequence Indicator and Controlling System.