DIP-1Distributed Space-Time Coding Based on the Self-Coding of RLI for Full-Duplex, Two-Way Relay Cooperative Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-2A Novel Data Hiding Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-3Minority Costume Image Retrieval by Fusion of Color Histogram and Edge Orientation Histogram2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-4Image Denoising Using Quadtree Based Non-Local Means with Locally Adaptive Principal Component Analysis2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-5Combining Left and Right Palmprint Images for More Accurate Personal Identification2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-6Image Compression Using Hybrid DCT and DWT2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-7Mixture-Based Superpixel Segmentation and Classification of SAR Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-8Face Tracking In Real Time Videos2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-9An Efficient Denoising Method For Noise With Removal of Blur in an Original Image2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-10Suspecting Less and Doing Better: New Insights on Palmprint Identification for Faster and More Accurate Matching2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-11CREDI-Crypt: An Improvised Anti-Counterfeiting Technique For Credit Card Transaction System2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-12Bit Error Rate Analysis of Coded OFDM for Digital Audio Broadcasting System, Employing Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Turbo Codes 2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-13Gabor Filters Features for Multi-Pose Face Recognition in Color Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-14Robust DWT based Qr Code watermarking2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-15Vehicle Speed Determination Using Image Processing2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-16Aging Face Recognition: A Hierarchical Learning Model Based on Local Patterns Selection2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-17Vision Based Detection and Traction Of Moving Target In Video Surveillance2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-18Generalized Equalization Model for Image Enhancement2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-19Image Compression Using Huffman Coding2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-20Power-Constrained Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Multiscale Retinex for OLED Display2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-21Satellite Image Enhancement using Discrete Wavelet Transform, Singular Value Decomposition and its Noise Performance Analysis2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-22A steganography algorithm for hiding image in image by improved lsb substitution by minimize detection2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-23Computer-aided detection for prostate cancer detection based on multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-24Lesion Detection and Characterization With Context Driven Approximation in Thoracic FDG PET-CT Images of NSCLC Studies2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-25A Cross-modality Learning Approach for Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-26Computer-aided detection for Lung cancer2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-27High Order Co-segmentation For Tumor Detection2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-28Image Forgery Detection Using Adaptive Over-Segmentation and Feature Point Matching2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-29A Bottom-up Approach for Pancreas Segmentation using Cascaded Superpixels and (Deep) Image Patch Labeling2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-30A Comprehensive Study on Cross-View Gait Based Human Identification with Deep CNNs2018DOWNLOADhref="" target="_blank">DOWNLOAD
DIP-31A Dataset and a Technique for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation for Computational Pathology2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-32A DCT-based Total JND Profile for Spatio-Temporal and Foveated Masking Effects2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-33A Discriminatively Trained Fully Connected Conditional Random Field Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Fundus Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-34A Fast Reliable Image Quality Predictor by Fusing Micro- and Macro-Structures2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-35A Fully Polarimetric SAR Imagery Classification Scheme for Mud and Sand Flats in Intertidal Zones2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-36A Hierarchical Approach for Rain or Snow Removing in A Single Color Image2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-37A Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Pansharpening of Multispectral Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-38Image Quality Assessment Using Directional Anisotropy Structure Measurement2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-39Moving Object Detection Using Tensor Based Low-Rank and Saliently Fused-Sparse2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-40Deep Hashing for Scalable Image Search2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-41Low-rank and Adaptive Sparse Signal (LASSI) Models for Highly Accelerated Dynamic Imaging2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-42Automatic Design of High-Sensitivity Color Filter Arrays with Panchromatic Pixels2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-43Diversified Visual Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Object Classification2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-44Color Image Guided Boundary-inconsistent Region Refinement for Stereo Matching2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-45Effective Multi-Query Expansions: Collaborative Deep Networks for Robust Landmark Retrieval2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-46DCT Regularized Extreme Visual Recovery2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-47dipIQ: Blind Image Quality Assessment by Learning-to-Rank Discriminable Image Pairs2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-48Visual-Attention Based Background Modeling for Detecting Infrequently Moving Objects2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-49Joint Dictionary Learning for Multispectral Change Detection2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-50Feature Sensitive Label Fusion with Random Walker for Atlas-based Image Segmentation2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-51Generalizing Mumford-Shah model for multiphase piecewise smooth image segmentation2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-52Mass and Volume Estimation of Passion Fruit using Digital Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-53A New Intrinsic-Lighting Color Space for Daytime Outdoor Images2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-54Adaptive Hybrid Conditional Random Field Model for SAR Image Segmentation2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-55Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-56Contrast Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-57Disjunctive Normal Parametric Level Set With Application to Image Segmentation2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-58EBSCam Background Subtraction for Ubiquitous Computing2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-59Fast Domain Decomposition for Global Image Smoothing2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-60Guided Wavelet Shrinkage for Edge-Aware Smoothing2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-61Pairwise Operator Learning for Patch-Based Single-Image Super-Resolution2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-62Textured Image Demoiréing via Signal Decomposition and Guided Filtering2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-63Variational Bayesian Approach to Multiframe Image Restoration2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-64Waterloo Exploration Database New Challenges for Image Quality Assessment Models2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-65A Convex Approach to Near-Optimal Beamforming Designs for Two-User MISO Fading Interference Channels2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-66A Cooperative SWIPT Scheme for Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-67A Hybrid Energy Sharing Framework for Green Cellular Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-68A New Degree of Freedom For Energy Efficiency of Digital Communication Systems2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-69A Novel Hybrid Beamforming Algorithm With Unified Analog Beamforming by Subspace Construction Based on Partial CSI for Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems2018DOWNLOAD
DIP-70Adaptive Filtering Based on Time-Averaged MSE for Cyclostationary Signals2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_01Distributed Space-Time Coding Based on the Self-Coding of RLI for Full-Duplex, Two-Way Relay Cooperative Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_02A Signal-Space Aligned Network Coding Approach to Distributed MIMO2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_03On the Optimal Power Allocation for Two-Way Full-Duplex AF Relay Networksx2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_04Fast Power Allocation for Secure Communication with Full-Duplex Radio2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_05Number of Transmit Antennas Detection using Time-Diversity of the Fading Channel2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_06A Penalty Function Promoting Sparsity Within and Across Groups2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_07A Stochastic Majorize-Minimize Subspace Algorithm for Online Penalized Least Squares Estimation2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_08Proximity Without Consensus in Online Multiagent Optimization2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_09Forward M-ary Hypothesis Testing Based Detection Approach for Passive Radar2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_10Kernel Risk-Sensitive Loss: Definition, Properties and Application to Robust Adaptive Filtering2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_11Improving DOA Estimation Algorithms using High-Resolution Quadratic Time-Frequency Distributions2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_12Group-Blind Detection for Uplink of Massive MIMO Systems2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_13Full-Duplex Bidirectional Secure Communications under Perfect and Distributionally Ambiguous Eavesdropper’s CSI2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_14Estimation of respiratory pattern from video using selective ensemble aggregation2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_15A Pessimistic Approximation for the Fisher Information Measure2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_16Distance-Penalized Active Learning Using Quantile Search2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_17Joint Threshold Adjustment and Power Allocation for Cognitive Target Tracking in Asynchronous Radar Network2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_18Tensor Decompositions for Identifying Directed Graph Topologies and Tracking Dynamic Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_19Transmit Array Interpolation for DOA Estimation via Tensor Decomposition in 2D MIMO Radar2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_20Maximum-Likelihood Approach With Bayesian Refinement for Multichannel-Wiener Postfiltering2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_21Occupancy Estimation with Wireless Monitoring Devices and Application-Specific Antennas2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_22Scalable and Flexible Multiview MAX-VAR Canonical Correlation Analysis2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_23Joint BS-user Association, Power Allocation and User Side Interference Cancellation in Cell-free Heterogeneous Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_24A Scalable Algorithm for Tracking an Unknown Number of Targets Using Multiple Sensors2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_25Broadcast Gossip Ratio Consensus: Asynchronous Distributed Averaging in Strongly Connected Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_26Detecting Localized Categorical Attributes on Graphs2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_27Online Categorical Subspace Learning for Sketching Big Data with Misses2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_28On Rate Requirements for Achieving the Centralized Performance in Distributed Estimation2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_29Robust control of varying weak hyperspectral target detection with sparse non-negative representation2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_30An Active RBSE Framework to Generate Optimal Stimulus Sequences in a BCI for Spelling2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_31Distributed Fusion with Multi-Bernoulli Filter based on Generalized Covariance Intersection2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_32Iterative Constrained Weighted Least Squares Source Localization using TDOA and FDOA Measurements2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_33Hourglass Arrays and Other Novel 2-D Sparse Arrays With Reduced Mutual Coupling2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_34Missing Data Recovery for High-dimensional Signals with Nonlinear Low-dimensional Structures2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_35Joint Sensing Matrix and Sparsifying Dictionary Optimization for Tensor Compressive Sensing2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_36Learning-Based Distributed Detection-Estimation in Sensor Networks with Unknown Sensor Defects2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_37Mismatched Filter Design and Interference Mitigation for MIMO Radars2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_38Rapid Exact Signal Scanning with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_39Low Complexity Residual Doppler Shift Estimation For Underwater Acoustic Multicarrier Communication2018DOWNLOAD
DSP_40Some New Results about Sufficient Conditions for Exact Support Recovery of Sparse Signals via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit2018DOWNLOAD